General questions
What does "guaranteed performance" mean?

Even if only one person books an experience, it will take place. So you don't have to fear, that we will call you on the day of the experience to tell you, that we have to cancel because not enough people are attending.

What is the difference between group- and private experiences?

A Private experience means, that only you and your party are making the trip. On a group trip also other people can be attending.

Can more than 6 people be in a group?

All our experiences are for a party of maximum six people. If you are interested in using our services for larger groups, please send us an email by using the contact form.

Booking / Cancellation
Do I get a confirmation?

After you made a booking we will confirm by email, sending you the payment details as well. After your payment we will send you the final confirmation with all the neccessary details. You can either print it or just bring a screenshot on your mobile.

What happens if I don't get a confirmation?

Please check your spam first. Or send us an email by using the contact form.

What if I am sick on the day of the event?

You can cancel until 24h in advance and we will credit the full sum to you. After that a cancellation fee of 100% of the price applies.

How can I pay?

We offer payment by PayPal only. You can use this service even if you don't have an account there by using your credit card.

During the experience
is food offered during an experience?

On most of our experiences there is either lunch or a snack included. Please refer to the details. We always offer free bottles of drinking water.

Do i have to bring my passport?

By law you have to take a passport always with you in Thailand. Sometimes a copy or a picture on your mobile is being accepted too. But you never know :) - you might have to pay a fine.

Is the experience taking carried out even when it's raining?

Yes. Please dress accordingly and/or bring an umbrella. The rainy season in Thailand lasts about 5 months per year - during that time it is very likely to rain.

do I have to follow a dresscode?

If we are visiting a temple or church you should dress respectfully (no short skirts, no tank tops). Shoulders and knees should be covered. In any other case please wear comfortable clothes and shoes and don't forget sunscreen.

Is there an insurance?

We explicitly want to spotlight that everybody is responsible for himself and at his own risk! Everybody should have their own insurance in case something is happening. Please comply with Thai law and rules.  We highly recommend to have an international health insurance.

Can I bring my pet?

We are sorry, but bringing pets is not possible as many places don't allow animals.

Dialog with your host

Our host is not a teacher that just presents facts. For us it is very important that you and him interact and have a real dialog. Please ask questions and get to know what really interests you.

what about people with disabilities/wheelchair?

Bangkok is a city that really is not very suitable for people with wheelchairs. There are a lot of bad street conditions and also stairs. So unfortunately we cannot accept people that need a wheelchair or that are physically handicapped.

Timing and sequence of an experience

There are so many reasons that a trip must be changed. It could be because buildings are closed without prior notice, the traffic is crazy (again), there are floodings, etc. Please be advised that we can alter the trip at any stage. Your host will try to give you the best possible experience, even when changes are inevitable. Thank you for your understanding.

after the experience
what about gratuity/tip?

You are free to give tip to your host or waiters at restaurants. If you liked the experience the host is very happy. About 5% of the price for the trip/walk is a good start :) Thank you.

Of course we would very much appreciate you giving a comment on your experience with us. Thank you very much.

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